Ambassador forecasts increased Chinese investment in the Nordic countries 

The ambassador of China to Finland welcomes Nordic businesses to the growing Chinese market. He believes that Chinese enterprises are also increasingly willing to invest in the Nordic countries.

Economic growth in China has long continued at an unprecedented pace, approaching eight per cent even during the recent global economic crisis. Demand for paper has increased in line with the growing purchasing power of individuals.
In his interview for Echo Chinese ambassador Huang Xing assures us that this huge country will continue to find room for western companies in the paper business and in other sectors of trade and industry. The ambassador believes that the mental threshold in relation to China has fallen considerably over the years as the country has become more familiar and better known in the west.  

“Human interaction is obviously the key to this, and it also helps that an increasing number of Chinese people are now able to communicate in English,” he explains.

The ambassador reminds us that it takes time to come to terms with another culture, but the effort is well worth making. In this respect Mr Huang Xing highlights the Nordic business environment.

“Business conditions in Finland and elsewhere in the Nordic countries are generally much more developed than in China. This is evident in several sectors, such as R&D. China has some way to go before reaching this level of maturity.”

The ambassador also reveals that Chinese enterprises are becoming increasingly interested in Finland and other Nordic countries as a target for investment.

“Chinese enterprises will probably come to play a much more prominent role in the Finnish business world. You can be sure that Finnish enterprises will likewise be warmly welcomed in China.”

The ambassador characterises trade relations between China and Finland as excellent, and he reminds us that the volume of bilateral trade has remained almost unchanged even during the economic recession. Some 260 Finnish businesses are already trading regularly with China and the number of operators is growing rapidly.

“Mutual trust is also increasing at all levels, including both individual investors and individual members of the public. This is a very important thing.”

The interview with ambassador Huang Xing is reported in detail in Echo magazine >>

Huang Xing
The ambassador of China to Finland