Pulp production in the heart of Finland

The 30-years-old pulp mill at Äänekoski in the heart of Finland is in exemplary condition and its basic processes represent best available techniques. The current production capacity of the mill is 1.5 times the originally planned capacity. The mill started up in 1985.

We are building the next-generation bioproduct mill in the area of the current Äänekoski pulp mill which will replace the current mill in 2017 when the new mill begin operations. Read more

Key facts:

Capacity: 530,000 t/a of ECF bleached softwood and hardwood pulps on a single line
Grade specialisation: specialised in manufacturing pulps for use in folding boxboard, tissue and specialty papers.
Share of exports: approximately 18 %
Personnel: 171
Wood consumption: 2.3 million m³ annually
Electricity self-sufficiency: 135 %
Wood certification percentage (PEFC+FSC): 91%


1985 Mill comes on stream
1990 Transferred to Metsä-Serla ownership as Metsä-Sellu Oy
1993 Oxygen delignification introduced
1997 Restored to Metsä-Botnia ownership
2004–2008 Scheduled mill modernisations
2009 Birch pulp became the mill’s primary product
2015 Decision to build a next-generation bioproduct mill