Äänekoski bioproduct mill

Metsä Group is building the world’s first next-generation bioproduct mill in Äänekoski, Finland in the area of the existing pulp mill. With a value of EUR 1.2 billion, it is the largest investment of the forest industry in Finland.

Once completed, the mill will produce 1.3 million tonnes of pulp per year – nearly three times the annual production of the current pulp mill. Most of the pulp will be exported,
mainly to Asia. The mill will begin operations in the third quarter of 2017.

Pulp and new bioproducts

The new Äänekoski mill is called a bioproduct mill since it will increase the product portfolio
with new bioproducts, generate excess bioenergy, and use no fossil fuels. The mill will utilise 100 per cent of its wood raw material as well as production side streams.

The manufacture of new bioproducts in conjunction with pulp production has been a key starting point in designing and building the mill. In addition to high-quality pulp, it will produce a broad range of bioproducts, such as tall oil, turpentine, lignin products, bioelectricity and wood fuel. Other potential bioproducts include textile fibres and lignin products.We are studying several processes and product paths,

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The bioproduct mill also tweets, however, mainly in Finnish. @biotuotetehdas on Twitter.

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