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Industry-leading wood-based bioproducts

The Botnia brand is synonymous with quality.

Botnia Product Portfolio

​Botnia softwood pulp

​Botnia hardwood pulp

​Botnia BCTM​P Pulp

​Botnia Biochemicals

Botnia Nordic Pine KMI ​Botnia Nordic Birch AKI ​Botnia High Yield 130STR ​Botnia Nordic CTO
Bo​tnia Nordic Pine+ JNO ​Botnia Nordic Birch HUS Botnia High Yield 325HT Botnia Nordic CST
Botnia Nordic Pine RMA Cenibra Euca (Eucalyptus) Botnia High Yield 440SHB
Botnia Nordic Pine AKI
​Botnia Nordic Pine HUS
Botnia Nordic Strong RMA ​​​​


Botnia Pulp

Metsä Fibre is a leading market pulp supplier. Our portfolio of Botnia pulps is the broadest in the world, comprising all main pulp grades including Softwood, Hardwood and High Yield (BCTMP) Pulps.

Botnia Softwood Pulp

Sustainably grown pine forest

Bleached Softwood Kraft Pulp is commonly used in the production of most paper, board and tissue products. Softwood pulp is known to bring strength, runnability and excellent dewatering properties to the end product and production process.

Botnia Hardwood Pulp

Botnia Hardwood pulp source: Birch wood


Bleached Hardwood Kraft Pulp is commonly used in specialty, coated and uncoated papers as well as in tissue and board products. In many applications hardwood pulp provides excellent strength, softness and surface properties.

Botnia Hardwood Pulps


For more information about our products, please contact Metsä Fibre sales or Technical Customer Service.

Botnia BCTMP Pulp

Pine forest in the winter

Bleached Chemi Thermo Mechanical Pulp (BCTMP) is often utilized in the production of paper, board and tissue products to provide higher bulk and stiffness compared to softwood pulp. In premium and printing papers higher brightness, bulk and smoothness can be achieved by replacing mechanical pulp with BCTMP.


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Botnia Biochemicals

Metsä Fibre is one of the world’s biggest producers of pine-based biochemicals. We provide Botnia-branded Crude Tall Oil (CTO) and Crude Turpentine (CST), for use in a wide range of end use applications and industries.

Botnia Nordic CTOSample of CTO oil in a glass jar

Botnia Nordic CTO Crude Tall Oil is divided into three distinct components that are utilized in different industries and end use applications; Tall oil fatty acids (TOFA), rosins and sterols. Crude Tall Oil is typically utilized as a raw material in the production of everything from biofuels to adhesives, rubbers and inks. CTO is also used as a binder in cement and asphalt.

Botnia Nordic CSTSample of CST in a glass flask

Botnia Nordic CST Crude Sulphate Turpentine is a compound, which in its numerous further refined states is typically found in fragrances and cosmetics as well as in industrial and household cleaners.

Other Bioproducts

Metsä Fibre production mill

Other Bioproducts

Metsä Fibre is committed to utilizing its wood raw materials as efficiently and diversely as possible. For instance, our mills produce enough bioenergy to meet their own process needs still leaving enough surplus to allow us to sell it into the general grid.

In addition to the Botnia-branded pulp and biochemicals we produce and deliver, we are continuously developing possibilities to expand the portfolio of bioproducts created from the side-streams of the pulp production process. The new Äänekoski Bioproduct Mill will become a benchmark for diverse bioproduct production and raw material efficiency upon its completion.