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Suppliers Sustainability Award for Metsä Fibre

​Sofidel, an Italian tissue paper manufacturer and long-term partner of Metsä Fibre, is committed to generating competitiveness through sustainability. The company’s core business is based on investing in environmental capital, and similarly to Metsä Fibre, responsible supply and value chain management is imperative

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Pine seedlings

Issue 2/2016 / Sustainability

In touch with nature

Metsä Day is Metsä Fibre’s way of familiarising customers with the origins of our products and with responsible forestry. Sustainable development is part of the company’s customer charter and integral to its everyday operations.

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UN sustainable development goals

Issue 1/2016 / Sustainability

Ensuring a sustainable future

New sustainable development goals applying to all Member States of the United Nations took effect at the beginning of 2016. The development programme specifies a total of 17 principal goals to remain in force until 2030 with a view to eradicating extreme poverty and securing sustainable development for the environment, the economy and human beings. The pulp industry manages a product that optimally satisfies the goals of global sustainable development, says European Pulp Industry Sector (EPIS) Secretary General Anna Maija Wessman.

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Issue 2/2015 / Sustainability

Development never ends

At Metsä Fibre, the company culture of continuously improving environmental performance has helped to establish a number of competitive advantages. These long-term accomplishments must have begun somewhere, but where?

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Issue 1/2015 / Sustainability

Bioproducts are the future

Metsä Fibre has begun building the world’s first new generation bioproduct mill at its Äänekoski site in Finland. Scheduled for completion during the third quarter of 2017, this facility will respond to growing demand for softwood pulp and make far more effective use of by-products.

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The future of pulp is in good hands

Children around the globe find new uses for pulp while learning about sustainability.

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Issue 1/2014 / Sustainability

A lot to look after

​Sustainable development is about making choices today for a better tomorrow. Ulrika Romantschuk and Tom Nickull stress that even though the sustainable development agenda often focuses on green values, the entire sustainability palette is really a much broader entity.

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Issue 1/2014 / Sustainability

Reinventing the renewable

Pulp industry green streak bodes well for the future, says Tom Wright.

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