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Images of Metsä Fibre's production units, Äänekoski bioproduct as well as logos can be downloaded via links below or on Metsä Group's Imagebank. The Imagebank requires registration.

Please ​note that Metsä Group's logo is also Metsä Fibre's logo.


Metsä Fibre publishes its annual review in Finnish, English and Chinese and its ECHO magazine in Finnish, English, German and Chinese.

Metsä Group's annual sustainability report is published in English.

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Metsä Group Kestävän kehityksen raportti  

Metsä group
sustainability report 2015

Metsä Board vuosikertomus  

Metsä Group annual Brochure 2015

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Metsä Fibre Annual review 2015

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Contact metsä Fibre communications:

Email: feedback.metsafibre[at]metsagroup.com


Kaisu Vaalto​
tel: +358 40 777 8922


​​​​​Anna-Liisa Pennanen
tel: +358 50 574 8071

metsä fibre marketing

Saija Tuomikoski
tel: +358 50 598 9500

joutseno mill communications

​​​​​Tuula Viitanen
tel: +358 50 598 7203

kemi mill communications

​​​​​Minna Pirnes
tel: +358 50 598 9517

rauma mill communications

​​​​​Leena Salminen
Puhelin:+358 50 598 9301

äänekoski mill communications

​​​​​Sirpa Kautto
tel: +358 50 598 9063

All addresses are firstname.lastname[at]metsagroup.com

GROUP communications, metsä group

tel:+358 10 4601
Email: communications[at]metsagroup.com