Electronic forest management is here

​Close collaboration between Metsä Group and forest owners will continue to satisfy the growing need for wood. The company has led the industry in developing digital services for forest owners that help to promote sustainable forest management.


Lands used for forestry cover about 86 per cent of the total land area of Finland. Sound forest management practices applied in previous years mean that these woodlands now have more wood than ever before, so logging may even be increased considerably in a fully sustainable manner. The new bioproduct mill in ÄÄnekoski will increase the annual use of pulpwood in Finland by an estimated four million cubic metres, meaning a rise in national pulpwood demand of about ten per cent. Most of this increase will comprise softwood fibre. Logging of softwood species in Finland can be sustainably increased by as much as 7 million cubic metres.

Timber trading and forestry services at Metsä Group are the responsibility of Metsä Forest, which is another business area of the Metsäliitto Co-operative parent company. The Metsäliitto Co-operative is a consortium of about 122,000 forest owners who supply most of the wood used in Finland by the Metsä Group. Most of Finland's forested lands are held by smaller private owners or families with an average holding of only slightly more than 30 hectares per owner.

"A clear restructuring is taking place among forest owners in Finland as they move into cities and generation shifts occur. At 62 years, the average age of forest owners is also currently quite high, although it is gradually falling and the ability to use electronic instruments is increasing accordingly. On the other hand, the forestry management skills of owners are declining at the same time," explains Juha Jumppanen, Member Services Director at Metsä Group, who is responsible for sales, marketing and development of forest services.

Metsä day - see the forest for the trees

Even though forest owners increasingly live in cities, the forest is never far away in Finland, and nearly everyone still has a personal and appreciative relationship with it. Metsä Fibre has developed a Metsä Day service concept that gives customers and stakeholders hands-on experience of the unique Finnish forest environment.

Visitors can take this opportunity to find out about responsible forestry practices, the traceability of wood raw materials, and the innovations that form part of modern pulp manufacturing at Metsä Fibre through practical activities that set out the entire process from seedling to mill.

Welcome to Metsä!

Further details are available from Marko Ruottinen (marko.ruottinen@metsagroup.com)



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