More bioenergy than we need 

Bioenergy in addition to pulp

Metsä Fibre’s pulp mills make efficient use of wood raw material by producing bioenergy and biochemicals in addition to pulp. Our mills are self-sufficient in terms of energy production, and they also generate surplus energy for society. Bark and sawdust – by-products from our production – are also used as fuel in power plants. At our Joutseno mill, bark is gasified to produce a renewable fuel that the mill can use instead of natural gas.

Optimal use of wood

We use our renewable wood raw material efficiently. A large portion of our production side streams is directed to material reuse or energy production. In pulp production, wood is barked and chipped. The resulting bark and sawdust are used as biofuel or biogas in our own units, and the surplus is sold to upgraders to be used as fuel or raw material. The amount of waste generated in production is reducing continuously, and waste is directed for reuse as much as possible.

Pulp mills are major producers of renewable energy in Finland

In 2014, our mills produced around 13 per cent of all renewable energy in Finland. The energy self-sufficiency rate of our pulp mills is 150 per cent, and they are among the largest producers of renewable energy in Finland. In addition to our own production, we supply bioenergy in the form of district heat to local communities and electricity to the grid. The Äänekoski bioproduct mill will increase the proportion of renewable energy of all the energy generated in Finland by two percentage points. It will produce 2.4 times the amount of energy it consumes.

Self-sufficiency in electricity


Metsä Fibre's self-sufficiency in electricity
2010 151
2011 138
2012 151
2013 144
2014 149