Our biochemicals and other bioproducts

Our biochemicals

Values guide Metsä Group's operations

Metsä Fibre is one of the world’s leading producers of pine-based biochemicals. We provide Metsä Crude Tall Oil (CTO) and Crude SulphateTurpentine (CST), for use in a wide range of end use applications and industries. Our biochemicals are produced at all of Metsä Fibre’s mills in Finland (Joutseno, Kemi, Rauma and Äänekoski) for use in our customers’ production around the world.

The biochemicals extracted from high-quality Nordic pine, spruce and birch are important natural raw materials that replace fossil-based products in many industrial processes. They can be used in everything from industrial grade performance chemicals to detergents, and even foodstuff.


Metsä Nordic CTO Crude Tall Oil is typically utilized as a raw material in the production of everything from adhesives, rubbers and inks to biofuels. CTO is also used as a binder in cement and asphalt.


Metsä CST Crude Sulphate Turpentine is a compound, which in its numerous further processing states is typically found as aroma chemicals in fragrances and cosmetics as well as in industrial and household cleaners.

Our other bioproducts

Values guide Metsä Group's operations
In addition to the pulp and biochemicals we produce and deliver, we are continuously developing and expanding our portfolio of bioproducts, which we create from the side-streams of the pulp production process. Products such as biogas, biocomposites and fibre-based fabrics for example are already being developed together with partner companies.

At Metsä Fibre, we are committed to utilising our wood raw materials as efficiently and diversely as possible. For instance, our mills produce enough bioenergy to meet their own process needs still leaving enough surplus to allow us to sell it to the national grid. The side-streams of the pulp production process open up a wide variety of opportunities for the extraction, refining and development of new and exciting bioproducts.

Our bioproduct mill in Äänekoski, Finland, is a world leader in the production of innovative bioproducts, raw material efficiency, and energy efficiency. An entire ecosystem of companies, which utilize our process side-streams to develop commercially viable bioproducts, is growing around the new mill site.