What are bioproducts?

Metsä Fibre’s range of bioproducts covers a much wider range of products than just chemicals.

The bioproducts we produce and sell include bioenergy like district heating, biogas and bioelectricity, as well as novel products such as pulp-based textiles and biocomposites. Our bioproducts do also include chemicals such as lignin and sulphuric acid, as well as ash and lime.

We produce many of our bioproducts from the side-streams of our pulp production and we continuously research new ways to expand and develop our bioproduct portfolio to improve our efficiency, profitability and sustainability.

Botnia biochemicals and bioproducts are now branded Metsä. In the past, our biochemicals were branded with the Botnia name. The same products are now branded Metsä.

Only the branding has changed. Our products and product range are exactly the same, with the same guaranteed Metsä Fibre quality.