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Botnia services

Metsä Fibre offers a wide range of expert services to its customers, to support them in their process and business. Our service offering extends from technical customer support to effective logistics and improved sustainability. Comprehensive in-depth partnership services help our key customers to plan ahead and further improve their business.

Technical services

Microscopic view of pulp fibers

Botnia Technical Services

Our Botnia Technical Services are aimed at helping you get the most out of your high-quality Botnia Pulp. Our experts look forward to providing services that are designed to tune your production process and equipment to allow for the reliable and even production of the desired quality and grade of end product.

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Botnia FORE

Botnia FORE

​Botnia FORE (Fibre Optimisation and Refining Evaluation) is a concept that helps you overcome challenges related to refining. The software allows us to examine all of the various available refining methods and fillings to find the optimal combination for each specific case.

For more information about our services, please contact Metsä Fibre Technical Customer Service


Botnia FIT

Botnia FIT

Botnia FIT (Furnish Improvement Tool) is a tool for benchmarking commercial pulp grade properties and for simulating paper and board applications. The software enables us to investigate the impact of changes in the end product furnish or refining on quality and costs.  

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Botnia FOX (+RFID)

Botnia FOX

​The Botnia FOX (Fibre Online Index) system is a quality index describing the strength potential of pulp. The pulp unit RFID tag specifies the pulp manufacturing batch, which serves as a key enabling the customer to check the time of batch manufacturing and the Botnia FOX index value of the product on the paper machine using new online tools.

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Botnia Start-up Kit

Botnia Start-up Kit

​The Botnia Start-up Kit is an expert service offered to customers or machine suppliers during the start-up of a new or rebuilt paper, board or tissue machine. The service ensures that the start-up is smooth and secure, and that the start-up curve is not compromised due to furnish or stock preparation.

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Botnia Wet-end Kit

Technical expertize to your wet end chemistry control

​The Botnia Wet-end Kit is our way of offering our strong technical expertize to your wet end chemistry control. We offer concrete recommendations based on gathered data, technical discussions and analysis with the aim of finding ways to improve performance and cost competitiveness.

For more information about our services, please contact Metsä Fibre Technical Customer Service.

Logistics services

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Botnia Logistics Services

Our Botnia Logistics Services assist in optimizing your process in terms of important factors such as material tracking and inventory management. Knowing exactly what pulp raw materials you have, and exactly where they are, will help ensure an uninterrupted production process and the continuous availability of the correct raw materials.

Botnia RFIDHand-held RFID reader

Botnia RFID pulp tracking technology offers an effective and reliable way of keeping tabs on entire pulp shipments. With accurate real-time tracking, shipping errors are eliminated and deliveries ensured. RFID tags automatically applied inside every pulp unit that leaves one of our mills. Now the information that will help you plan operations is always at hand.

VMI ConceptTruck moving pulp bales

The Metsä Fibre VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) concept helps you release your valuable time and resources into your key process and business operations. Through this service Metsä Fibre can ensure the continuous availability of the needed raw materials for your process.

Partnership services

Botnia Partnership Services

By developing the depth of customer relationships by planning and developing actions based on a shared understanding of business objectives, future market developments and process needs, we can together improve your business performance today and tomorrow.

Botnia IdeaBooster

Botnia Ideabooster BOTNIA IdeaBooster is a premium service offered to key customers to help us together identify changing needs and develop targeted solutions with a value network of experts. The concept consists of a combination of Key Account Models (KAM), workshops and interactive online tools ultimately delivering new customized solutions to meet your challenges and provide tangible benefits for your business.

Botnia Training Kit

Botnia Training Metsä Fibre provides comprehensive support and services to help you get the most out of your Botnia pulp. We offer comprehensive training and materials to help you optimize your production processes and end product attributes in terms of raw materials. By understanding the requirements you have for your end products, we can direct cooperative efforts into meeting them in the most efficient way possible.

Online services

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Botnia Online Services

We at Metsä Fibre are continuously developing our online tools to help our customers efficiently deal with pulp-related issues from material flow monitoring to e-commerce. We concentrate on developing technologies that make your life easier.

Botnia Fibre Online

Botnia Fibre Online is Metsä Fibre’s web-based extranet service for customers. It allows you to effectively monitor material flows by utilizing data from the Botnia RFID tags inside each pulp bale we deliver. Fibre Online also grants you access to all the industry reports.

Sustainability services

Forest winter sustainability

Botnia Sustainability Services

Sustainability and corporate responsibility are important factors in modern industry and business. We want to do everything we can to help you understand and achieve the all of the potential environmental efficiency benefits our products have to offer you.

Metsä Day

Pine sapling Metsä Day is an interesting, informative and engaging concept to gain an understanding of where your raw materials come from. Your day-long event will take you through the entire process from the nursery to the forest, and ultimately the pulp mill. Find out about the sustainable and state-of-the-art forestry practices that help us produce the best pulp for your process.

Certification Assistance

We provide assistance in attaining certification for your end products by compiling all relevant data and helpin​g with the procedures. All products by Metsä Fibre meet existing standards in terms of safety, sustainability and environmental performance, which means that all certifications are possible to achieve in terms of raw materials.