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World-class bioproducts for all your needs​

Recognize our market-leading pulps and biochemicals by the Botnia brand

Botnia by Metsä Fibre

Botnia bioproducts by Metsä Fibre are developed in Finland, the home of fresh innovation and land of sustainable forestry practices. A commitment to bringing added value to each customer relationship is realised through knowhow and technological excellence. A world-class product portfolio of pulps, biochemicals and other bioproducts combined with attention to customer service has made Metsä Fibre a trusted partner the world over.

What is Botnia pulp?

Metsä Fibre’s Botnia pulp grades have been developed in close co-operation with our customers to meet their requirements for fibre characteristics of specific paper properties. Factoring in our Botnia brand pulp as well as our Cenibra Eycalyptus pulp and pulp produced for use within the Metsä Group (primarily Metsä Board), we are the world’s leading producer of pine-based pulp with the world’s widest portfolio of pulp products available to our customers.

All of our products are produced from carefully selected and responsibly sourced and grown forests. Each Metsä Fibre mill has a certified chain of custody management system for wood, and is authorised to use the PEFC label. Metsä Fibre's ownership base of more than 116,000 private Finnish forest owners ensures the continuous availability of sustainable wood.

Our high-capacity, state-of-the-art production facilities in Joutseno, Kemi, Rauma, Äänekoski (all in Finland) and Husum (Sweden) all produce high-quality Botnia pulp that is efficiently delivered to customers around the globe.

Pulp customers and end uses 

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The desired attributes for your end products – From superior strength to unrivalled softness

Metsä Fibre customers

Metsä Fibre develops, manufactures and delivers Botnia-branded bioproducts used as raw material for the production of a wide range of fibre-based paper and board products and products based on refined wood-based biochemical. We are one of the global leaders in producing bioproducts and related services that meet the customer’s needs on time and at competitive prices.

Pulp and other bioproducts

Pulp in storage

World-class bioproducts for all your needs

Recognize our market-leading pulps and biochemicals by the Botnia brand

Botnia pulps and bioproducts

Metsä Fibre develops, manufactures and sells high-quality, Botnia-branded pulps and other bioproducts from sustainably sourced wood raw materials. All Botnia products come from one of our state-of-the-art mills in Finland.

Pulp services 

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Expert services designed to help improve process and business performance, as well as sustainability

Botnia services

Metsä Fibre offers a wide range of expert services to its customers, to support them in their process and business. Our service offering extends from technical customer support to effective logistics and improved sustainability. Comprehensive in-depth partnership services help our key customers to plan ahead and further improve their business.

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Botnia Technical Services

Microscopic view of pulp fibers

​Our Technical Services include:

  • Botnia FORE
  • Botnia FIT
  • Botnia FOX
  • Botnia Start-up Kit
  • Botnia Wet-end Kit
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Botnia Logistics Services

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​Our Logistics Services include:

  • Botnia RFID
  • Metsä Fibre VMI Concept
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Botnia Partnership Services

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​Our Partnership Services include:

  • Botnia KAM
  • Botnia IdeaBooster
  • Botnia Training Kit
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Botnia Online Services

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​Our Online Services include:

  • Botnia Fibre Online
  • Pulp Exchange
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Botnia Sustainability Services

Forest winter sustainability

​Our Sustainability Services include:

  • Sustainability Days
  • Metsä Days
  • Certification Assistance
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