Our pulp services

We offer technical, logistical, business and sustainability services

Metsä Fibre offers a wide range of expert services to its customers to support them in their process and business. Our service offering extends from technical customer support to effective logistics and improved sustainability.

Process and cost efficiency improvement services

Values guide Metsä Group's operations


Our Pulp benchmarking and furnish simulation service evaluates, improves and optimises the product costs and quality characteristics of your paper furnish. The service uses our FIT tool (Furnish Improvement Tool) to support the design of new or upgraded base paper grades and to minimize the need for time consuming laboratory studies and trial runs on the paper machine. It also helps you accurately forecast production costs.


Our Refining audit service helps you fine-tune your pulp refining process to make the most of your fibre properties in terms of furnish cost structure and energy efficiency. The service uses our FORE tool (Furnish Optimization and Refining Evaluation) to analyse your current pulp refining performance and makes recommendations on how to improve it, allowing you to reach your quality and productivity targets.

Agile logistics

Values guide Metsä Group's operations
We aim to assist you in optimizing your material tracking and inventory management. With our services, you will know exactly which pulp raw materials you have and exactly where they are, helping you ensure that your production process is uninterrupted and that the correct raw materials are continuously available.


RFID pulp tracking technology offers you an effective and reliable way of keeping tabs on entire pulp shipments. With accurate real-time tracking, shipping errors can be eliminated, and deliveries ensured. The RFID tags are automatically applied inside every pulp unit that leaves our mills so the information you need to help you plan your operations is always at hand.


The Metsä Fibre VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) helps you free up valuable time and resources for your key processes and business operations. With this service we can ensure that you have continuous availability of the raw materials you need for your process.

24/7 fibre data

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We are continuously developing our online tools to help our customers efficiently deal with pulp-related issues from material flow monitoring to E-commerce.


Fibre Online is Metsä Fibre’s web-based extranet service for customers. It allows you to effectively monitor material flows using data from the RFID tags inside each pulp bale we deliver. Fibre Online also gives you access to all the relevant industry reports.

Collaborative business development

Values guide Metsä Group's operations

We also provide services to help our customers improve their business performance today and tomorrow.


IdeaBooster is a premium service that we offer to key customers. Working together with them, it helps us identify their changing needs and develop targeted solutions with the assistance of a network of experts. The concept consists of a combination of meetings,workshops and interactive online tools. The result is that we can deliver new, customized solutions to meet your challenges and provide tangible benefits for your business.

Sustainability support

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Sustainability and corporate responsibility are an integral part of our business. We want to do everything we can to help you understand and achieve all the potential environmental efficiency benefits our products have to offer you.


Metsä Day Forest Excursion is an interesting, informative and engaging way to gain an understanding of where your raw materials come from. Metsä is the Finnish word for “forest” and your day-long event will take you through the entire process from the nursery to the forest, and ultimately the pulp mill. Find out about the sustainable and state-of-the-art forestry practices that help us produce the best pulp for your process.


We help you attain certification for your end products by compiling all relevant data and helping with the procedures. All Metsä Fibre products meet existing standards in terms of safety, sustainability and environmental performance, which means that we can provide all possible certifications for your Metsä Fibre raw materials.

Fibre insight

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Metsä Fibre provides support and services to help you get the most out of your Metsä pulp. We offer comprehensive training and materials to help you optimize your production processes and end product attributes in terms of raw materials. The better we understand the requirements you have for your end product, the more efficiently we can work with you to help you achieve your goals.

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