Metsä Pine Bleached Softwood Kraft Pulp (NBSK)

All our Metsä Pine pulp is made from high-quality Nordic pine (pinus silvestris) and spruce (picea abies) sustainably sourced and felled by Metsä Forest. All of the wood raw materials are 100% traceable to their source.

Our Metsä Pine pulp gives end products the qualities our customers need, including good tensile and tear strengths, as well as providing good runnability and excellent dewatering properties in the production process.MetsäPine products are bleached softwood kraft pulp (NBSK) and they are produced at our mills in Husum, Joutseno,Kemi,Rauma, and Äänekoski.


Tissue products
Speciality products
Wood free papers
Paperboard and packaging
​Toilet and towel tissue

Facial tissue and hankies



Thermal / carbonless papers


Thin / cigarette papers

Décor / wallpaper

Release liner



Food and packaging papers

Medical papers

Construction paper

​Coated fine papers, WFC

Uncoated fine papers, WFU

Folding boxboard

Ivory board

Liquid packagingboard

Liner board

Our Botnia pulp is now called Metsä pulp. In the past, our pulp was branded with the Botnia name. The same products are now branded Metsä. Only the branding has changed. Our products and product range are exactly the same, with the same guaranteed Metsä Fibre quality.