High-quality sawn timber from Northern wood


Metsä Fibre is one of Europe's biggest producers of sawn timber

Metsä Fibre manufactures and sells high-quality sawn timber products that is produced premium sawn timber from northern wood raw material. Our product portfolio includes pine sawn timber and spruce sawn timber.

Metsä Fibre has five sawmills in Finland and one in Russia, giving us a total production capacity of 1.9 million m3 of sawn softwood per year.

We serve customers around the world and our biggest export destinations are Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. We export about 90 percent of our spruce sawn timber and about 85 per cent of our pine sawn timber. 

Metsä Fibre’s sawn timber is used in the planed goods industry, the woodworking industry, the construction industry, as well as the window and door industry. We provide our customers with reliable deliveries and excellent service. Our efficient production lines produce high quality, smooth and even sawn surfaces, with precise dimensions and excellent drying results. 

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