Sawn timber end uses

Quality products from northern wood raw material


We upgrade northern softwood of the highest quality into premium Nordic Timber products, which meet the most demanding requirements of our customers and are well-suited for demanding product solutions. The most important end-use areas of our products are the construction industry, the window and door industry, the furniture industry, the planed goods industry and packaging.

The wood raw material we use is known for its high-quality and consistent appearance. Dense grains and lightness combined with superb strength make it an ideal material for any application at all requiring high quality.

Our excellent delivery reliability is guaranteed by our six sawmills: five in Finland and one in Russia. Our sawmills exploit the best properties of the first-rate raw material and, thanks to cutting-edge production technology, are able to customise their sawn timber according to our customers’ individual wishes.

Window and door industry

The production of high-quality wooden window and door frames requires a carefully selected raw material.At Metsä Fibre's sawmills, the raw material is carefully selected, taking advantage of the personnel's solid know-how and of state-of-the-art technology in the sorting of logs and sawn timber. We also consider our customers' geographic weather conditions to guarantee the most suitable moisture content in the drying process. This allows us to ensure the properties according to the end use area.

Thanks to our wide range of wood products, we can provide our customers with varied services, and support and improve on existing solutions. Our advanced technology and skills enable us to deliver premium raw materials with select properties to our customers.

The heartwood of pine and its natural resistance against rot fungi provide the wood with natural weather resistance without special treatment. Its use allows for fostering the natural properties of end products and guarantees the wood product a longer life-cycle against weathering.

Furniture industry


The manufacture of a beautiful piece of furniture or floorboards requires a high-quality raw material. At Metsä Fibre’s sawmills, the raw material is carefully selected, taking advantage of the personnel’s solid know-how and of state-of-the-art technology in the sorting of logs and sawn timber. This allows for ensuring the desired end result in the processes of the floorboard and furniture industry and the aesthetic quality of the end products.

Both pine and spruce are extremely popular raw materials for solid timber furniture. The unique characteristics and relatively low equilibrium moisture content [requires checking] give the end product first-class properties. Correctly selected spruce material enables dimensional stability and stiffness in floor product solutions made by gluing.

Planed goods


In-house experience of the production of planed goods helps us to develop the qualitative and technical properties of the raw material even further. In addition to the quality sorting, which begins from logs, Metsä Fibre’s sawmills invest particularly in the quality control of drying, to minimise the internal stress of the sawn timber.

The possibilities offered by new technology allow us to provide our customers with even better services.