Twitter account @biotuotetehdas to the Kemi projectheader

​Metsä Group’s Kemi bioproduct mill project now has the Twitter account @biotuotetehdas in its use. 

The account provides information on topical issues and news and on various events related to the project. So far, the account has served the new bioproduct mill at Äänekoski, but from now on it will be in the use of Metsä Group’s the next bioproduct mill project in Kemi, Finland. 

“We want to provide our stakeholders with a communication channel which is updated as close to real time as possible and provides interesting information on the project’s progress and the possible new mill,” says Communications Manager Anna-Liisa Pennanen of the bioproduct mill project.

The communication principles of Metsä Group’s Kemi bioproduct mill project are openness, reliability and proactivity.

“As a channel, Twitter does its part in supporting the realisation of our communication principles,” says Pennanen. 

You can find the account in Twitter under the name @biotuotetehdas or by using the direct address The bioproduct mill’s communications use the hashtag #biotuotetehdas or #bioproductmill. Tweets are mainly in Finnish. The Twitter account is monitored actively, but if you have any urgent matters to discuss or inquire about in terms of the Kemi bioproduct mill project, please send us a message via the contact form. For further information on the Kemi project, please go to our website. To subscribe to Metsä Fibre’s releases and newsletters, click here. If you are interested in collaboration in the bioproduct mill project, send us your contact details via the form

From now on, matters related to the Äänekoski bioproduct mill in Twitter can be found under the @MetsaFibre account at 

For further information, please contact: 

Anna-Liisa Pennanen
Communications Manager
Kemi bioproduct mill project
Metsä Fibre
tel. +358 50 574 8071

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