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Polar King​​– renewal project of the Kemi
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Prefeasibility study on the renewal of the Kemi pulp mill

Metsä Fibre, part of Metsä Group, has launched a prefeasibility study on the renewal of the Kemi pulp mill.

The prefeasibility study particularly focuses on analysing the availability of wood raw material and the development potential of Kemi’s industrial infrastructure and logistic connections.

A new and larger mill would enable the development of a business ecosystem in Kemi, similar to the Äänekoski bioproduct mill

The Kemi mill is the oldest of our four mills. It is now time to either modernise the old mill or replace it with a new one. We carry out the prefeasibility study for the Kemi pulp mill systematically in accordance with the planned schedule and, as a result, we will choose the better solution of the two.

In the renewal, we will take the entire Metsä Fibre’s production mix into consideration. We make investments to improve our performance and strengthen our position as a forerunner.

Option 1

We replace the current pulp mill with a new bioproduct mill that is clearly larger in terms of production capacity, consumption of wood and impact on employment. Self-sufficiency in electricity would be considerably raised and the bioproduct range would be expanded.

Option 2 


We extend the life cycle of the current mill by modernising several departments and keep the production capacity (620,000 tonnes of softwood and hardwood pulp per year) and wood consumption (three million cubic metres per year) unchanged.

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