Our bioproduct mill concept

Metsä Fibre’s unique bioproduct mill concept takes resource efficiency and sustainability to a completely new level. Our concept combines efficient use of raw materials, with energy efficiency and environmental efficiency. Bioproduct mill concept is based on utilizing 100 per cent of the wood raw material as well as production side streams for producing pulp and a broad range of other bioproducts that can be used to replace fossil materials and fuels.

At the heart of the bioproduct mill concept is a highly resource-efficient pulp mill. This enables the side streams generated in pulp production to be turned into valuable biochemicals, bioenergy and other bioproducts. In fact, our bioproduct mill technology is so efficient that it produces significantly more bioelectricity than it consumes, enabling fossil fuel free operation.

Aiming for fossil free production

At Metsä Fibre, our target is to be completely fossil fuel free by 2030. In fact, our mills already produce more than enough bioenergy to meet their own process needs, giving us a surplus that we sell to the national grid. By using closed loops and using 100% of our side-streams, we will continue to improve our energy and raw material efficiency.

An example of this unique approach is our bioproduct mill in Äänekoski, Finland, which is a world leader in the production of innovative bioproducts, raw material efficiency, and energy efficiency. An entire ecosystem of companies, which utilize our process side-streams to develop commercially viable bioproducts, is growing around the new mill site.