Metsä Fibre's strategy

Towards sustainable excellence

Our aim is clear:
We want to be the world’s best and most profitable bioproduct producer using Nordic wood raw materials.


Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations in everything we do. To achieve this, we invest in long-term cooperation and in-depth understanding of our customers’ needs and value chains. We pursue market leadership with the main products that our pulp and sawn timber businesses produce, and our goal is to be the preferred supplier for industry leading companies.

To consistently exceed our customers’ expectations, we must ensure that our product quality is excellent. We do this by paying attention to quality at every step, by effectively managing deviations, and with our highly skilled customer service. We are a forerunner in pulp and sawn timber markets, and we provide services that create significant added value for our customers.


We aim for excellent performance in all our operations. Success in this requires clear goals and a focus on what is important.

We engage in systematic and continuous development work to improve our production and cost efficiency. This includes carefully choosing the timing of maintenance investments and major repairs for our production units. With clear business processes, continuous measurement of our performance and uniform ways of working, we guarantee efficient, high-quality operations in all our locations and the effective implementation of best practices.

We continuously minimise the environmental impact of our operations because this is an essential aspect of excellent performance, and we implement the principles of sustainability throughout our entire value chain.


Achieving lasting excellence requires the best personnel. We are particularly focused on developing outstanding leadership and supervisory work. We foster a profitable and engaging operating culture that supports open dialogue, and we offer high performing personnel new responsibilities and challenging tasks to ensure their professional development.

We want Metsä Fibre to be the most sought-after workplace, with a strong, innovative culture and a winning attitude. We also require first-class performance from our partners.

Excellent safety and well-being at work create the foundation for the best personnel. Safety is our first priority, and we aim for zero accidents at all our locations.


Being a trailblazer and having the courage in the face of change ensures that our success will continue in the long run. We actively develop future pulp and sawmill technologies as well as new bioproducts, in close cooperation with our partners. New bioproducts increase the cost efficiency and growth of our pulp and sawmill businesses and create a sustainable bio and circular economy. Achieving sustainable excellence requires us to be ready for new strategic choices and technologies. Our operations must also live up to the highest standards.

In terms of the renewal of pulp mills, we have developed a unique bioproduct mill concept, the first implementation of which is the Äänekoski bioproduct mill. The mill is an excellent example of the implementation of our strategy – it allows us to respond to growing demand in the pulp market and strengthen the sustainable bioeconomy, while at the same time raising our environmental performance to a new level.

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