20 years of efficient pulp manufacturing in Metsä Fibre Rauma mill

The Rauma mill came on stream in 1996 as the world’s first mill built solely for producing chlorine-free TCF pulp. The Rauma mill changed its bleaching system from TCF to ECF in summer 2007.

Key facts:

Capacity: 650,000 t/a of ECF bleached softwood pulp in a single line
Grade specialisation: Manufactures reinforcement pulp for magazine papers and specialty paper pulp
Share of exports: approximately 41%
Personnel: 120
Wood consumption: 3.4 million m³ annually
Energy self-sufficiency: 146 %
Wood Certification percentage (PEFC+FSC): 83%


1996 Mill comes on stream
2000 Merger of Metsä-Rauma and Metsä-Botnia
2002 Co-ordinated treatment of effluents with the City of Rauma and local forest industry
2007 Bleaching system changed from TCF to ECF
2015 The ten-millionth pulp bale produced
2015 Investment in odorous gas burning system
2016 Rauma mill will celebrate its 20th anniversary


Driving instructions

Rauma pulp mill is located at Maanpääntie 6

When arriving in Rauma, follow the Metsäteollisuus sign and then the Metsä sign. Heavy traffic must follow the Metsä sign with a lorry symbol to Hankkarintie 11. Personal cars must follow the Metsä sign with a car symbol to Maanpääntie 6.

Location on map