Sawn mills

Metsä Fibre is Finland’s biggest producer of sawn timber and also a major producer on the European scale. In terms of the sawmill business, we achieved a new record in production in 2017, with a total annual production of app. 1,9 million cubic metres. General trends in wood construction and economic growth in the main market areas strengthened demand for sawn timber. The prices of sawn timber also increased slightly during 2017.

Our sawmills use the best properties of high-quality raw material and, with the help of modern production technology, are able to customise their sawn timber according to the individual wishes of each customer.
The spruce raw material we use is known for its high-quality, consistent appearance. The dense fibres and lightness, combined with an excellent grade of strength, make it an ideal material for almost any application that requires a high level of quality.

High-quality northern pine is a popular material in the furniture and woodworking industry due to its consistent look and high proportion of heart wood. The technical properties of the dense-fibred pine used in the products are excellent.

The majority of our sawn timber is exported: some 90 per cent of spruce and roughly 80 per cent of pine. -The biggest export destinations are the Middle East and Africa, the UK and China, as well as European countries such as France.

Contact information

Metsä Fibre's sawmills

Kyrö sawmill

Kyröntie 3​
P.O.Box 4
21801 KYRÖ
Tel. +358 10 46 75599

Mill manager: Jorma Nieminen

Lappeenranta sawmill

Metsäsaimaankatu 5
Tel. +358 10 46 74299

Mill manager: Anssi Meuronen

Merikarvia sawmill

Satamatie 35
Tel. +358 10 46 74699

Mill manager: Riku Iisakkala

Renko sawmill

Sahantie 50
14300 RENKO
Tel. +358 10 46 74199

Mill manager: Tuomas Arminen                     

Vilppula sawmill

Tel. +358 1046 75499

Mill manager: Jaakko Vierola

Metsä svir llc sawmill

tel. +7 812 380 5166
fax: +7 812 380 5179

187742, Leningradskaya oblast
Podporozhskij raion
Poselok gorodskogo tipa Vazhiny
ulitsa Karyernaya, No. 48