Chosen partners - Rauma

Partners chosen for the Rauma sawmill project

Metsä Fibre has signed agreements concerning the Rauma sawmill's main equipment and systems. The construction of the Rauma sawmill has a high degree of Finnish origin, around 70%. The construction phase will employ around 1,500 people.

Nordautomation Oy

Log sorting, feed and bark processing equipment for the sawmill.

Veisto Oy

The high-speed saw line of the Rauma sawmill.

C. Gunnarssons Verkstads AB

Dry sorting and packaging equipment.

Renholmen AB

Two green sorting lines and sticking and stacking lines.

Heinolan sahakoneet Oy

Drying department equipment where the transfer of loads is fully automated.

Raumaster oy

By-product conveyors and a new type of screening concept.

Raumaster paper oy

Conveyors for the organisation and load formation of completed sawn timber packages and an automatic loading system for vehicles.

Fin Scan oy

Grading systems representing cutting-edge machine vision technology for measuring sawn timber for both of the green sorting plants and the dry sorting plant. The delivery also includes software packages.

Valon Kone oy

Two debarking machines equipped with a debarking rotor and a butt-end reducing rotor.

Finnos oy

Extensive measurement systems for various stages of the sawing process. The delivery includes an AI-based production simulation system.

Roima intelligence inc

A centralised control room solution for centralised visual monitoring and effective control, integrated into the sawmill systems.


A production control system for all Metsä Fibre sawmills. The Rauma sawmill is included in this delivery.


Consulting services related to contractor liability matters and the prevention of the grey economy.


Execution of the construction engineering work for the sawmill to be built.

LM-suomiset oy

Earthmoving works contract including area piping, earthmoving works for the internal and external areas of the sawmill’s production plants, and the construction of a storm tank.