Metsä Fibre’s Renko sawmill

Renko sawmill

Basic details

Applications for spruce sawn timber:

  • Interior and exterior cladding
  • Construction and glulam production
  • Furniture
  • Various woodworking products
  • Concrete casting moulds

Share of exports: approximately 91%
Share of certified wood: 98%


1977 Toisveden saha Oy is established
1994 Oy Metsä Timber Ltd acquires the sawmill
1999 The name is changed to Finnforest Oy
2003 Automated sorting of sawn timber
2004 Bio power plant and electricity production
2012 Unified Metsä identity, the Wood Products Industry becomes Metsä Wood
2004–2014 Improvement of yield
2016 Metsä Group’s sawmills in Finland become part of Metsä Fibre

Metsä Fibre
Renko sawmill
Jussi Lehtosalo, Mill Manager

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