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Metsä Fibre's head office

Metsä Fibre head office is located in Espoo, Finland.

E-mail addresses of all employees are firstname.lastname[at]

Metsä Fibre's pulp mills

Metsä Fibre's sawmills

Kyrö sawmill

Kyröntie 3​
P.O.Box 4
21801 KYRÖ
Tel. +358 10 46 75599

Mill manager: Mauri Korpela

Lappeenranta sawmill

Metsäsaimaankatu 5
Tel. +358 10 46 74299

Mill manager: Riku Iisakkala

Merikarvia sawmill

Satamatie 35
Tel. +358 10 46 74699

Mill manager: Jarkko Vihervuori

Renko sawmill

Sahantie 50
14300 RENKO
Tel. +358 10 46 74199

Mill manager: Jari Väkeväinen                        

Vilppula sawmill

Tel. +358 1046 75499

Mill manager: Jaakko Vierola

Metsä svir llc sawmill

tel. +7 812 380 5166
fax: +7 812 380 5179

187742, Leningradskaya oblast
Podporozhskij raion
Poselok gorodskogo tipa Vazhiny
ulitsa Karyernaya, No. 48

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Global network
of sales

Sales offices of Metsä Fibre are located in Wiesbaden, Milan and Shanghai. ​​

Metsä Fibre employs a global network of sales staff and agents. In addition to our headquarter in Finland, our sales offices are Metsä Fibre GmbH in Wiesbaden, Germany, Metsä Fibre China in Shanghai and Metsä Fibre S.r.l. in Milan, Italy. Most of the market pulp of Metsä Fibre and Metsä Board is sold through these offices.

The offices in Wiesbaden and Milan are responsible for sales to Central and Eastern European countries, and also guide sales handled by agents across Europe and to designated overseas countries. Metsä Fibre China guides and directs sales to China and Southeast Asia. Metsä Fibre's strong position in the Far East is based on our partnership with the pulp marketing agent Itochu. Sales to Finland are handled domestically.

Email: firstname.lastname[at]

Sales offices:

Technical customer service

Techni​cal customer service


Technical customer service experts serve to support our customers' business

Metsä Fibre's technical customer service has been designed to help our customers to unleash the full potential of pulp.

Metsä Fibre's technical customer service experts:

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