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Brian McClay discusses the potential of pulp

Issue 2/2018 / Markets

Pulp potential

​China continues to drive the global pulp business, an industry offering huge opportunities with regards to sustainability, says Brian McClay.

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Issue 1/2018 / Markets

Eastern horizons

​Introducing Wangqiu Song – Metsä Group’s recently recruited SVP, Asia and China – and his unique perspectives on both the Finnish and Asian pulp businesses. 

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Issue 2/2017 / Markets

Europe's forest nation

​Charting the past, present and future of Finland’s uniquely productive relationship with the forest.

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Metsä Fibre at Shanghai Pulp Week 2017

​​Metsä Fibre took part in the annual gathering of pulp producers and customers in mid-March at Shanghai Pulp Week.

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Issue 2/2016 / Markets

The ties that bind

​Certain historical factors still govern the market for pulp in Italy, including companies’ family ownership and strong regional roots. However, the country’s paper makers must also face up to the reality of global competition to ensure their future prosperity.

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Asian rooftop scenery

Issue 2/2016 / Markets

Thriving in a challenging climate

​Despite of a demanding economic situation, the rapidly expanding group of middle class consumers is keeping domestic demand in China at a high level. The country's booming e-commerce market means that the need for packaging is also growing.

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Issue 1/2016 / Markets

Quality and demand both on the rise

The Middle East is a region already demonstrating strong demand for Metsä Fibre’s products, and this trend looks set to continue. But what makes this region so distinct among the world’s most active pulp markets?

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Issue 1/2015 / Markets

A sleeping giant?

When the business community talks about emerging markets, most often they are referring to Asia or South America. Could it be that the potential for large-scale growth also exists closer to home?
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Issue 2/2015 / Markets

The China Challenge

Finnish pulp is very popular in the Chinese market. However, strong competition from emerging markets, as well as the increasing capacity of China's local enterprises to provide their own pulp must be taken into account with regard to Metsä Fibre's future market share.
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Issue 2/2014 / Markets

The growing attraction of virgin fibre

Pulp and paper industry specialist Oliver Lansdell forecasts rapid growth opportunities for certified market pulp manufacturers supplying the tissue industry, although Esko Uutela, Principal Economist, Tissue, points out that the rate of growth will continue to depend on the global economy.

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Issue 1/2014 / Markets

A competitive edge

Metsä Fibre has won the Excellence Finland Quality Innovation Competition in the large enterprise class for its Botnia Nordic+ softwood pulps. The award also recognizes the company's long-term R&D work and its innovative operating culture.

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