Aiming for an increasingly responsible way of working

​In the summer of 2020, Metsä Fibre, as part of Metsä Group, implemented a large-scale ethics barometer survey. The goal of the survey is to study how the personnel feel the company’s Code of Conduct is being implemented in practice. 


​The ethics barometer measures the responsible corporate culture, which is one of the strategic sustainability objectives for 2030 of Metsä Group and all its business areas.

As a result of the barometer survey, an ethics index is produced. A target value of 100 per cent has been set for this index by 2030. 

In this first implementation of the survey, Metsä Fibre's ethics index was 83.5 per cent, the response rate being 61.9 per cent. The target for the response rate is also 100 per cent.

The ethics barometer indicates items requiring development

The survey results were consistent between Metsä Group, the business areas and Group services.  Based on the results, employees' awareness of the requirements related to the ethics of operations is at a very good level, and employees find the subject important. In addition, the employees feel that the company operates ethically.

 In light of the results, there is a need for development in the areas of people management, the equal treatment of personnel and ensuring a culture in which people have the courage to report unethical activities, and problems are addressed.

 The results have been discussed with the personnel in all Metsä Fibre' units, and the measures required to promote an even more ethical way of working have been defined in the units based on the results. In particular, dialogue between employees and supervisors will be developed by increasing general awareness of how any defects in operations can be reported, for example. The transparency of decision making will also be improved.

 The main purpose of the ethics barometer is to help identify items to improve in workplace communities and employees' actions. 

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