Charting the customer experience

Metsä Fibre’s annual RADAR customer satisfaction survey for its pulp and biochemical customers has been completed for 2018.


​The survey covered topics including reliability, product quality and development, customer knowledge and support to the customer’s process, contacts and business communication and continuous improvement. This year the survey also included additional interviews with company CEOs.

During the year, in response to the previous year’s RADAR results, Metsä Fibre has concentrated on gathering further knowledge on end use by conducting various studies and projects, including studies on tissue and specialty papers.

“Overall, we have continued working according to the principle of continuous improvement, and this year we asked our customers for their views on the subject. Also, as a specific topic, we asked for feedback on supply chain performance and the quality of delivered units. The comments were mainly positive, but we identified certain development areas as well,” says Metsä Fibre’s Tarja Nousiainen, VP, ICT Development and Projects, who was responsible for arranging the survey this year.

Systematic improvements

Mikael Lagerblom, VP Sales EMEA, comments that based on this year’s results, Metsä Fibre has identified the need to increase the level and quality of communications with customers, especially on quality or delivery deviations.

“We are also looking to formulate a joint sustainability story for customers and suppliers. In addition, the current Key Account Manager model will be further improved to allow for more joint development projects and tangible added value throughout the whole supply chain,” Lagerblom adds.

With regards to developments in customer service in general, Nousiainen highlights the positively viewed FibreOnline service, which will be further developed according to suggestions from customers. Also, in this year’s survey, customers had the chance to comment on Echo magazine, which received lots of positive feedback and ideas for future stories.

“We would like to thank all our customers for the feedback. Your answers are highly valuable as we continue to develop our operations and services,” Nousiainen says.

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