Customer feedback received – There is always room for improvement

​Metsä Fibre’s customers consider Metsä Fibre as a reliable supplier with even pulp quality.

Gathering customer feedback is a systematic process in Metsä Fibre. The feedback data is distributed to the whole organisation where functional teams analyse the results and make corrective action plans. The customer surveys have been carried out for more than 20 years in Europe and are completed today in all market areas Metsä Fibre is present. The survey method is an in-depth phone interview. 

The annual Metsä Fibre customer satisfaction survey, RADAR, states that the customers’ satisfaction remains high. The customers consider Metsä Fibre as a reliable supplier with even pulp quality. This is a welcomed result, since Metsä Fibre has worked hard in improving quality consistency and especially after introducing Metris FOX quality index (developed by Metsä Fibre, and now owned by international technology company Andritz).

Communication with customers has been in general on a good level, but there is always room for improvement. “Based on the results, customer expectations and communication don’t always meet. Therefore, we need to focus on our efforts improving the customer expectations by developing the amount, the content and the quality of communication,” says Metsä Fibre’s Ari Harmaala, SVP Sales and Customership. “One example here is to show better the clear customer benefits that our services offer.” 

The Metsä Fibre customer satisfaction survey tells that the EMEA score increased this year. Customer support and knowledge perceived high scores, but more communication in deviation situations is wished. “On a daily basis Metsä Fibre is seen as a partner who strives to improve relationship and cooperation. RADAR gives us more insight to where specifically we need improvements and these are individual and very specific cases with relatively easy and quick fixes,” tells Mikael Lagerblom, VP for Sales EMEA. 

“One of the requests from our Asian customers has been to improve shipment tracking. We have developed a shipment tracking tool and we will further improve that tool to meet our customers’ demands. This is a good example of how the customer survey helps to identify important development targets,” says Metsä Fibre’s Harri Vertanen, VP for Sales Asia.

Based on the customer feedback, various logistical studies were done to find ways to shorten delivery times. In addition to that, the shipment tracking tool development started. 
“We also worked on improving the communication. FibreOnline was introduced to many customers to enable easier communication regarding shipments and pulp quality follow up,” Vertanen says. 

“We are currently also reviewing in the whole Metsä Group how we can improve and renew continuous measurement of customer experience” Harmaala says.

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