Metsä Fibre listens to its customers closely

​Metsä Fibre’s sawmill customers responded to the Radar customer satisfaction survey for the second time now. Customer satisfaction and customer needs are the basis for the development of our sawmill operations and create a good foundation for goal setting in our annual planning. 

Metsä Fibre’s sawmill customers responded to a customer satisfaction survey for the first time in 2018. In 2019, the survey, which provides the company with valuable information, was conducted for the second time. 

“The results declined slightly from last year’s results, given that we still face various challenges with deliveries, for example. While we are disappointed in the slight decline in satisfaction, it also motivates us to solve the problems and improve our results,” says Saku Pänkäläinen, Vice President, Sales and Customership, of Metsä Fibre’s sawmill business.  Pänkäläinen likes the fact that the Radar survey is carried out in the form of interviews, which yield more precise feedback from customers. 
“Many of our customers give the interview under their own name, which allows us to target our responses directly to particular customers,” says Pänkäläinen. 

We develop our operations on the basis of these results 

The results of the survey provide a basis for the planning and concrete implementation of measures that improve operations.  At the moment, for instance, we are thinking about how to improve the overall management of deliveries and the systems that support them. Recently, we completed an IT project which improved the base of our sawmill production and its predictability. 

Long-term planning is an answer to many issues, and new development projects will be underway no later than by the beginning of 2020. One of the already completed and adopted renewals in our sawmill business is the Timber Fox measurement, which indicates whether the production process is of a consistent quality. And there is more to come.  

“Among other things, we will be adopting a delivery reliability indicator, which will be monitored as one of the performance indicators in our production operations. Annual plans and their preparation will also continue to play a key role, and the Radar survey is one element through which we introduce measures to our annual plans,” says Pänkäläinen.  

Synergy with the pulp side of the business

It is important not only to conduct customer satisfaction surveys, but to process the feedback and pass on the information to the people working in production. This allows us to pay more attention to our customers’ needs. 

“The pulp side provides a variety of services, and we’re thinking about implementing corresponding services in the sawmill side of the business as well. Synergy between the pulp and sawmill sides is indeed necessary and advisable,” says Pänkäläinen. 

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