New regional sales organisation for pulp and sawn timber

Metsä Fibre’s Sales and Marketing organisation moved over to a regional structure on 1 March 2021. Sales regions will be responsible for the sale of both pulp and sawn timber from now on.


​Metsä Fibre now has four sales regions: Europe, APAC (Asia-Pacific region), MEA (Middle East and Africa) and the Americas (North and South America).

The aim of the change is to harmonise and increase the efficiency of pulp and sawn timber sales, and to streamline the operating model for sales.

“Even though pulp and sawn timber are different as business operations, we are working to harmonise our operating methods in sales,” says Ari Harmaala, Senior Vice President for Sales and Customership.

Region-based organisation is more customer-oriented

“We want to serve our customers even better. The dedicated account managers are now located even closer to our customers, which will also improve the interaction with our customers. Most customers’ account managers will remain unchanged.”

A regional Sales Services organisation will provide support and coordinate the customer service resources in their own area.

“This means that our salespeople will have more time to dedicate to serving the customers,” Harmaala continues.

The new organisation from 1 March 2021:

Kustaa Laine is Vice President, Sales Americas & MEA. Area Sales Director Tommi Saarnisto is in charge of sawn timber sales for these regions.

Harri Vertanen is Vice President, Sales APAC. For sawn timber, Roger Luo is the region's Sales Director focusing on China, and Sami Peltoniemi is the region’s sales manager focusing on sales to Korea and Japan.
Mikael Lagerblom is Vice President, Sales Europe. Area Sales Director Ville Valio is in charge of sawn timber sales for Europe.
Tom Nickull is Vice President, Sales Services. As part of his duties, he will be in charge of technical customer service.

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