Positive feedback from sawn timber customers about quality and collaboration

​In our customer satisfaction survey, we received excellent feedback on quality and collaboration from our sawn timber customers worldwide. With the new organisation, we will further improve our service.


​Metsä Fibre’s customer satisfaction survey was once again conducted in the sales regions of Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC) and the Middle East and Africa (MEA). 

According to the responses, our overall performance is good. Aspects regarded as positive are similar in all regions. Logistical problems, a global challenge for us and other companies alike, were mentioned as areas for improvement.

“We would like to thank all our customers worldwide for their active participation. The feedback we have received will help us improve our operations in the right direction,” says Harri Vertanen, Vice President, Sales Asia. 

Surprised by demand and logistical challenges

The unprecedented increase in demand caused by the pandemic and macro trends, coupled with logistical challenges, have created major problems both in Europe and globally.

“Our delivery reliability has suffered but has now been raised to the top of our agenda," promises Mikael Lagerblom, Vice President, Sales Europe

“Fortunately, quality and collaboration are still seen as our strengths. It will be good to continue building on this in the future.”

The value of reliability and cooperation

“The professionalism and reliability of our operations in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) stood out as positive aspects,” says Kustaa Laine, Vice President, Sales MEA.

Deliveries, responsiveness, and commitment also received good feedback.

“Logistics emerged as an area for improvement, particularly in the Middle East region, which has been strongly affected by the lack of container capacity. We have already taken significant steps to remedy the situation and this work will continue in order to achieve shorter delivery times.” 

Logistics an important part of the service concept

In the Asia-Pacific region, the quality of sawn timber products and skills in collaboration were praised. Good collaborative network also received positive feedback.

Logistics again emerged as a subject for improvement.

“As a result of logistical challenges, our delivery volumes in the APAC region have not been what customers would have liked. We have taken action and sought new solutions that are already improving the situation for the second half of 2021,” says Vertanen.

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