Pulp customers are especially thankful for reliability

​Our pulp customers in Asia and Europe have responded to a new customer satisfaction survey. The survey provides more detailed information on what is working well and where further development could be made.


​Metsä Fibre has been conducting its customer satisfaction survey for several years through customer interviews with specific questions. This year, changes were made to the survey, and at the same time, the sample was expanded to cover the majority of the customer base. Customers were given the chance to give an overall grade, as well as to freely comment on topics of their choosing.

"With the new model, responding to the survey was easier and quicker for customers, even though they had to think for themselves which themes to give feedback on," says Harri Vertanen, who is responsible for sales in Asia.

Metsä Fibre keeps its promises

Mikael Lagerblom, who is responsible for sales in Europe, has also found the new model to be good.

"In the old model, a smaller group of customers responded in a more restricted way, as they were asked direct questions. There are now more respondents, and we have received feedback on more sub-areas," Lagerblom says.

European customers were particularly satisfied with product quality, cooperation and reliability.

"Customers feel that they can trust us. We keep our promises and are worthy of their trust."

Negative feedback was mainly received regarding the flexibility of delivery and payment terms.

"In addition, the respondents hoped for lower pulp prices, as has been the case before. From a sales perspective, I think we need to improve our interaction with customers relating to price discussions," Lagerblom says.

Quality and reliable deliveries as strengths

Despite the change in the survey model, the feedback from Asian customers was largely similar to that received in previous years.

"As our strengths, the respondents mentioned the good quality of our products and our guaranteed delivery reliability. Our technical customer service also received positive feedback," Vertanen says.

Some criticism was aimed at individual issues, many of which have already been reacted to in our daily operations.

Customers' effort is appreciated

Vertanen and Lagerblom were satisfied with the response rate of the survey.

"The fact that a customer takes the trouble of responding to the survey is in itself a sign of respect for our ongoing support. We are very happy to be considered an important and valued supplier," Lagerblom says.

Any defects are addressed quickly and, as far as possible, customers' wishes are also anticipated and acted upon proactively.

"Our work is based on listening to and understanding our customers, and I think we have been successful in this," Vertanen says.

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