Pulp customers praise quality, reliability and service 

​As in previous years, pulp customers said they appreciated our quality and reliability. We were also praised for our collaborative network.


​Metsä Fibre’s customer satisfaction survey was once again conducted in the sales regions of Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC), North America and the Middle East and Africa (MEA). 

The responses show that our overall performance is good. The results from the different sales regions had much in common. In all regions there was praise for the quality and reliability of the products and for the service. Logistics, on the other hand, has been a global challenge for all players during the current year.

“We would like to thank all our customers worldwide for their active participation in the survey. The feedback we have received will help us further improve our operations,” says Harri Vertanen, Vice President, Sales Asia. 

Praise for service and collaboration

Among European pulp customers, Metsä Fibre is perceived in the survey as a market leader, constantly striving to develop as a company and supplier. 

“Quality, service and cooperation have been positive factors in the surveys every year, and this one is no exception,” says Mikael Lagerblom, Vice President, Sales Europe. 

“During this current year, deliveries have been a challenge and we are now trying to improve them. We also want to intensify collaboration in order to be able to produce added value for our customers throughout the supply chain.”

Delivery reliability remains good in a challenging situation

Kustaa Laine, Vice President, Sales for the Americas, the Middle East & Africa, says that the quality of Metsä Fibre’s products and the reliability of its operations were the most positive aspects of the responses.

“Our customers felt that our delivery reliability was particularly good, despite the challenging market situation. We are able to respond to demand and are open to growth.”

Praise was also given for good cooperation with customers and for the collaborative sales network in the region. 

“Based on previous customer feedback, we have developed our pricing models and the customers have accepted them very well.”

The pandemic period has been reflected in fewer meetings. Clients, like everyone else, are hoping for a return to normality in this respect. 

“As travel restrictions are lifted, we will fortunately be able to meet customers face-to-face again, giving us more scope to work together. Logistics must also work in every situation, and we will continue to develop it,” says Laine.

The value of work for sustainable development

Cooperation was also seen as a positive in responses from the Asia-Pacific sales region. 

“In the APAC countries, we have some really long customer relationships. We know our customers well and can respond to their needs,” says Vice President of the region, Harri Vertanen.
The quality of products was also praised although Vertanen notes that there was some room for improvement among customers who want pulp that meets their specific preferences. 

Sustainable development emerged as a new and positive topic in the survey. Chinese customers in particular were grateful for the work done by Metsä Fibre towards sustainable development.

Technical customer service has received positive feedback year after year, and this one is no exception.
“It is wonderful that our proactive work and production of added value for customers have been noted,” enthuses Vertanen.

This year, logistical problems have been a challenge for all companies. The responses to the survey praised Metsä Fibre’s reliability and delivery, but also identified areas for improvement. Deliveries to Korea at the beginning of the year were a particular target of criticism.

“We are aware of logistical problems and have initiated measures to resolve them,” says Vertanen.

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