​Sofidel, an Italian tissue paper manufacturer and long-term partner of Metsä Fibre, is committed to generating competitiveness through sustainability. The company’s core business is based on investing in environmental capital, and similarly to Metsä Fibre, responsible supply and value chain management is imperative.


Suppliers Sustainability Award logoAs a vital component in Sofidel’s value and supply chains, Metsä Fibre was awarded a Suppliers Sustainability Award at the tissue manufacturer’s recent 50th anniversary celebration, receiving the Best Sustainable Project award in the Large Companies category.

 The award was granted to recognise Metsä Fibre’s next generation bioproduct mill, under construction in Äänekoski, Central Finland, and due to be inaugurated in the third quarter of 2017. The innovative bioproduct mill is seen by Sofidel as implementing a significant industrial strategy, which reinvents “the production process in a more sustainable way, to generate a positive impact in terms of environmental production and local employment.”

Metsä Fibre Äänekoski bioproductmill 

Sofidel’s dedication to high ethical standards has come to define the relationships with its suppliers, and the partnership with Metsä Fibre is no different. For Metsä Fibre, safety and quality are undoubtedly the most fundamental conditions for the responsible production of pulp. Being recognised for its sustainability efforts is a meaningful indication of Metsä Fibre’s dedication to success through sustainability.

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