Botnia start-up kit gets you going

​Starting a papermaking machine is always a huge operation, and Metsä Fibre helps the customer by providing top quality fiber expertise at this crucial stage. The Botnia Start-Up Kit service concept was created for this purpose.

The Botnia Start-Up Kit is a technical service package for Metsä Fibre customers and paper-making machine manufacturers. It helps to ensure that fiber conforms to expectations and yields optimal benefits when used in refurbished and new machines.

"The Botnia Start-Up Kit is an analysis service for pulp and various paper products. We begin by helping the customer and machine manufacturer to design the process by supplying additional information on correct fiber handling and the most suitable fiber for the process concerned," explains Tom Nickull, Metsä Fibre VP, Key Accounts and Technical Customer Service. "We then work on site during machine start-up to make sure that the pulp processing works as planned, recommending changes in control settings where necessary. Our services have been welcomed with great interest and found to be of clear benefit."

Progress through optimization and development

Andritz Pulp and Paper and Voith Paper are machine suppliers that have long worked with Metsä Fibre to optimize the service provided to end-customers.

"The Botnia Start-Up Kit helps us minimize the time needed to start up new refining lines for joint customers, who can then swiftly launch their manufacturing operations with optimal refining parameters. We can also use the Botnia Start-Up

Kit to improve a customer's refining line," explains Andritz Oy Pulp and Paper Sales Manager Jussi Rintamaki.

"A wide range of variables are involved in starting up a new papermaking machine, which is really the final stage of a long manufacturing process that brings all previous production and quality issues to a head. Our job as equipment suppliers is easier when we can depend on a high and consistent standard of raw material. This lays the foundations for an efficient machine startup. Close collaboration with various partners also accelerates the start-up stage, and the Botnia Start-Up Kit provided by such a reliable supplier has been very helpful indeed." says EMEA Region President Dr Antti Kaunonen of Voith Paper.


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