Continuous development workwith an ear to the customer

​New survey findings indicate a record high level of customer satisfaction with Metsä Fibre operations.


Responses to the 2014 customer satisfaction survey indicate that Metsä Fibre has invested wisely in improving uniformity of quality and managing imperfect batches by introducing the prime quality management concept and the FOX index at all of its mills. The company's Far East logistics have also become significantly more efficient. Development work has also brought results, as Metsä Fibre is now more strongly regarded as a good and reliable partner. One good example of this is a 55 per cent reduction in the number of claims compared to the level in 2013.

Responses to the 2015 survey suggest that the company should continue to invest in enhancing e-services such as FibreOnline, shipment traceability and the availability of transport documentation. Other important future priorities are improving customer skills throughout the supply chain and work to streamline and enhance communications at the customer interface.

"Informal feedback from customers is important to us, as it promotes ongoing efforts to improve our operations. For example our manufacturing unit has used customer feedback to identify the priorities that form a basis for concrete measures included in I annual mill action plans," explains Joutseno Mill Manager Jaakko Anttila, who was responsible for implementing this year's survey.

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