Creating added value

​The operations model of Metsä Fibre’s supply chain is constantly refined to ensure the best possible value for the customer.


With every delivery involving the concerted effort of several individuals, good service arises from co-operation and personal investment in optimising performance. Metsä Fibre supply chain members work in three teams: Supply Planning, Sales Support and Logistics, each performing a specific function.

Maria Kurttio and Kalle Kumpumäki serve as Logistics Coordinators at Metsä Fibre in Kemi, Finland. Kurttio belongs to a team responsible for direct domestic customer deliveries from the four Metsä Fibre mills in Finland, whereas Kumpumäki is in charge of export shipments for Metsä Fibre and Metsä Board in the North Sea region and Italy. "We create value for the customer by ensuring that our logistics chain functions properly, and that the customer receives the order on time and in good condition. The greatest personal satisfaction comes from successful conveying critically important goods on a tight schedule through the entire delivery chain to a satisfied customer," Kurttio explains.

"A holistic understanding of the process and good co-operation with shipping companies, sales support and supply coordinators are necessary for a successful outcome. On confirmation of the required volume, we organise all shipments and amendments according to vessel capacity and agreements," Kumpumäki continues.

Tiina Lehtolainen and Sanna Huuhtanen work in the Sales Support team at Metsä Fibre in Joutseno, Finland. This team is responsible for the ordering, delivery and invoicing process of the Metsä Fibre mills in Finland, and of the Metsä Board mills at Husum in Sweden and Kaskinen in Finland. "Customers rely on us to know their needs and expectations, and to minimise their clerical work by providing correctly formatted documentation promptly," Lehtolainen and Huuhtanen explain.

"While discharging routine duties, we are always on the lookout for new ways of harmonising and streamlining the overall process," Huuhtanen says.

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