Certified management systems support continuous improvement

We aim to improve our operations on a continuous basis. We support this aim with certified management systems such as quality, environmental, energy efficiency, and safety systems. The Chain of Custody systems we use enable us to trace the origins of all wood used by Metsä Fibre and to monitor our logistics chain. More than 90 per cent of the wood we use is certified according to the international forest certification systems PEFC ® or FSC®, and all of the wood we receive meets the criteria for controlled wood (PEFC-controlled sources, FSC-controlled wood).

The fresh fibre pulp produced by Metsä Fibre is pure and suitable for use in products that come into contact with food. Nothing that is hazardous to human health must be transferred to the food, and contact with packaging materials made from our pulps must not change the taste, smell, or composition of food. Metsä Fibre’s pulp mills use an ISO 22000 food safety system.

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