Sustainable forestry

We always know the origin of the wood we use


Metsä Fibre uses northern wood from sustainably managed forests in areas where the forests grow more than they are used. More than 90 per cent of the wood used by Metsä Fibre is certified. This is an excellent figure in our line of business. For the sake of comparison, only some 10 per cent of the world’s forests are certified.

All of the wood we use, meaning 100 per cent of it, is traceable and comes from certified or controlled forests. This allows us to ensure the legality of the wood supply, as well as the acceptability and sustainability of the supply chain. We have a tracing system which allows us to trace the origin of the wood we purchase all the way back to the felling site.

Forest regeneration is always part of sustainable forest management, and we require environmental values to be considered in all forestry measures. We always regenerate forests after felling, and Metsä Group uses domestic tree species and seedlings in forest regeneration.

We also protect the diversity of forest nature in many ways. For example, certified forests require retention trees to be left in the felling area to provide habitats for species that need dead and decaying wood. And we also leave decaying trees and valuable habitats in place during felling. Finnish forests are a perfect example of sustainable forest management, and they provide us with wood and many other natural gifts, as well as wonderful opportunities for recreation.

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