We continuously work to reduce our environmental impact 

At Metsä Fibre, sustainability and responsibility are an integral part of everything we do. We use northern wood from sustainably managed forests for the resource-efficient production of our products, and to produce products which can replace fossil-based raw materials. We take care of our personnel’s well-being and safety. In production, we invest in the continuous reduction of fossil-based carbon dioxide emissions and the minimisation of our operations’ environmental impact. Throughout our whole business we are making our mills increasingly efficient in terms of the environment, and in terms of resources, raw materials, water and energy. We produce significant amounts of renewable energy and other bioproducts from our side streams.

Metsä Group’s four sustainability themes cover our entire operations – from the forest all the way to finished products. Our strong commitment to our strategic sustainability targets for 2030 is helping to build a path towards a low-carbon society. Our operations support the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


Metsä Group’s 2030 sustainability objectives