Personnel well-being and safety at work are a priority for us

We monitoring absences and accident frequency are able to pro actively address factors that might endanger working ability and occupational safety at an early stage.

Top level of safety through cooperation

The achievement of Metsä Fibre’s goals requires a high level of safety in all of our operations. We aim to have zero accidents involving our own employees any of our service providers working in our mill areas. We have achieved good results using our comprehensive safety management system, which is based on preventive work. In addition to preventive work, safety management at Metsä Fibre is founded on highly committed employees.

Everyone working in a mill area is responsible for following instructions, ensuring safe working conditions through risk assessment and identifying, addressing and reporting deficiencies – and, above all, eliminating risks.

Attitude is key to safety at work

Metsä Fibre’s systematic way of working is based on preventing accidents and on continuous improvement. Our goal is for everyone to identify the safety effects related to their job.

Regular safety inspections and risk assessments ensure safe working conditions. Preventive safety work also includes making safety observations and discussing them at morning meetings at mills to immediately determine the necessary measures. We closely monitor the implementation of such measures. Safety briefings by supervisors ensure a smooth flow of information and a proactive attitude towards safety at work.

Metsä Fibre is a leading forest industry company in terms of accident frequency rate. In 2014, we achieved a record-low accident frequency rate: 4.9.

Lost-time accidents

amount per million hours worked

Lost-time accidents
2010 14
2011 6.6
2012 7.9
2013 8.4
2014 4.9
2015 7.9
2016 7.2
2017 5.2