Ensuring ethical business practices

At Metsä Fibre, we are committed to being ethical, responsible, reliable and transparent in all our operations.

Our work is guided by the Metsä Group’s values: responsible profitability, reliability, cooperation and renewal. We always follow the laws and regulations, the Metsä Group’s Code of Conduct and the Metsä Group’s Policies. We are also committed to respecting internationally recognised human rights. We conduct our operations with honesty, integrity and transparency towards all our stakeholders.

Policies and statements

Values guide Metsä Group's operations
Our operations and decision-making are directed by the Metsä Group’s Code of Conduct, which consists of 15 ethical principles summing up our commitment to responsible business operations and compliance.

The principles include themes related to cooperation, respect and responsible business operations, combined with the Metsä Group’s key sustainability messages. The same high standards apply also to our partners, and these are defined in the Metsä Group’s Supplier Code of Conduct.
The Metsä Group has a set of policies and related instructions in place covering all relevant topics for its business areas, including, for example, policies on the Environment and Human Resources as well as Equal Opportunities for Employees.

The Employee Code of Conduct is an essential part of day-to-day sustainability management. It guides our employees to follow the required ethical principles concerning conflicts of interest, competition, communication and the prevention of bribery and other fraudulent conduct. The Code of Conduct requires all employees to report any behaviour that they believe to be in breach of the instructions. They can report such behaviour to their supervisor, the Compliance Officer or the General Counsel of the Metsä Group.

Compliance and Ethics Channel

Values guide Metsä Group's operations

The Metsä Group has a public Compliance and Ethics Channel through which our employees and any other persons can report any shortcomings they observe in the Metsä Group's operations. Reports can be submitted anonymously. All reports concerning possible breaches are processed by a compliance committee.